5 Reason Video Games Are Good For You (Based on Study)

People always say that video games are bad, they cause people to be not social, encourage violent behavior and make them stupider. Those are the words from my parents and probably yours too, but is it really true?

Well, guess what people. Study show that video games are good for you.


Here are the top 5 reasons why video games are good for you:

1. It makes kids more creative.

Researcher from Michigan State University found that kids who played video games become more creative no matter what the games is (violent or non-violent game). They study 500 12 years old boys and girls and found that the more they play video games it makes them more creative in drawing object and writing story.

2. Reverse or hold the age related decline on the elderly

Video games does not only benefit kids and the young. It also has good effect on the elderly.

The University of Iowa found that old people (more than 50 years old) that play video games are able to increase cognitive skill and reverse age related decline up to 7 years.

University Belfast and Trinity College Dublin also found that video games help the elderly to improve balance control. When you get older your body has less balance control, that is why many old people fall. In short, playing video games can prevent the elderly from falling to their doom.

3. Makes people more happier. 

Researcher from Brigham Young University (BYU) in Utah found that young girl that play video games with their parents are more behaved, connected to their family, less agressive and happier. Want to connect with your daughter? Try playing games with her. The study only show effect on girls though, for boys it seems it doesn’t do any effect.

Researchers at the North Carolina State University found that old people (63 years old and above) that play video games are happier than those who don’t. They follow 140 old people in town and group them into two groups, one is old people that regularly play video games and the other are those who rarely or don’t play video games. Those who play video games regularly are less depressed and has better well-being than the other group.

4. Improve eyesight, improve motor skills, and faster decision making. 

Deakin University from Australia found that kids who play video games has better motor skills. Kids that play video games has better object control skills such as kicking, catching, rolling, and bouncing a ball. Basically it trains children to become ninja.

University of Rochester found that those who play action games have better eyesight. This mean that those gamer are more likely to avoid accident in foggy road than those who doesn’t play game.

Rochester University also found that gamer has faster decision making response than those who rarely play game. This happen because gamer has faster data collecting response. This mean that if you put your life in a life and death situation, your chance is better in the hand of a gamer.

Next time I get surgery for something, I’m gonna ask my doctor if he/she play games. I won’t trust doctor that doesn’t play video games.

5.  It help with many diseases. 

Can video games help in various diseases like cancer, depression, autism, parkinson, asthma, and many other? Well according to University of Utah, playing video games can be therapeutic and show that it increase their fighting spirit in dealing with their diseases. What this means is that playing video games is just as good or even better than 1 on 1 counseling.

Daphne Maurer, director of the Visual Development Lab at McMaster University in Ontario found that people born with cataract can improve their eyesight by simply playing first person shooter game. He said that 10 hours of playing action games had significant improvement on people who are almost blind.