5 Outcome You Can Expect From Spanking Your Children

Spanking kids has been a debatable subject on whether it is an acceptable form of punishment or not. We know that it is banned in 32 countries, so many people consider it as a barbaric punishment for children. Regardless of what people think, I am more curious about the long lasting effects from spanking kid. Let’s see all the facts shall we?

Smacking your kid

#5 Kids become Aggressive

One study from researcher Andrea Gromoske and Kathryn Maguire-Jack in the Journal of Family and Marriage in 2012, they examine 3,870 kids around the world where the parent smack their kid from as little as 1-year-old. They found that the kid when reach age 3 they would more likely to become more aggressive, they tend to hit stuff and scream a lot. By the time they reach age 5 they would have the tendency to develop depression and anxiousness.

Dr Joan Durrant from University of Manitoba that gone 20 years of research found that kid who are physically disciplined or yelled at when they’re naughty are more likely to develop aggressive behaviour when they are an adult.

And another study published in Pediatricsresearcher in Tulane University that examine 2500 kid found that those who are spanked often at age 3 are more likely to be more aggressive at age 5.

So there is three different study researching thousand of children that show smacking kid will make them aggressive and depressive.

#4 lower IQ

Smack your naughty kid and in the end they would be more obedient and also stupider. What?!

A sociologist from the University of New Hampshire, Murray Straus with his colleague Mallie Paschall from the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation in Maryland found that spanking kid could lower the kid IQ. They found that in 32 countries where spanking were accepted the average IQ is lower than those that ban spanking. Straus and Paschall has been collecting data from 1980, their sample data consist of 806 kids age 2-5 and 706 kid age 5-9. First they test the IQ of the kids and examine it again 4 years later. They found that those who are spanked from age 2 to 5 have lower IQ up to 5 point than those who aren’t spanked. The kid spanked at age 5 to 9 has lower IQ up to 2.8 point than those who aren’t spanked. They said that the cause maybe the stress, anxiety and fear that slow the brain development for the kids.

#3 Sexual Problem as Adult

Murray Straus not only found that kids that are smacked has lower IQ, but he also found that those kids have sexual problem when they reach adulthood. What kind of sexual problem are we talking about here? Coerced sex, risky sex, and masochistic sex. Coerced sex mean the person are more likely to verbally and physically force their dating partner to make love. Risky sex mean the person are more likely not using condom when doing it. Masochistic sex mean they are aroused by spanking. Talk about awkward adulthood…

#2 Risk of Cancer, Asthma, and Cardiac disease

What does smacking your kid has to do with cancer anyway?Professor Michael Hyland, from Plymouth University in Devon publish a research in Journal of Behavioural Medicine where the study found that smacking kid could lead to stress and trauma which lead to cancer and other diseases. They study 700 people in Saudi Arabia, where 250 are healthy people, 150 have cancer, 150 have cardiac disease, and another 150 with asthma. They found that those who are spanked when they were a child has 70 percent more chances to develop cancer, and 60 percent chance to develop asthma and 30 percent more chance to develop cardiac disease.

So there is no good in spanking kid then? Well not quite because…

#1 Become Successful and Happier

In another study. They found that kids that are smacked when they are bad turn out to be more successful and happier than those who are not. Wait, what? This contradict to all the studies above… A study from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, with their professor of psychology, Marjorie Gunnoe found that young kid (before age 6) who has been spanked when they are naughty perform better at school when they are teenagers. Gunnoe ask 2600 people where a quarter of them has never been smacked. They are being questioned about their behaviour, academic success, optimism about the future, antisocial behaviour, violence and depression. Teenager who have been spanked at age 2 to 6 prove to be better on all of those than those who never been spanked. In another group of sample of teenager where they smacked at age 7 to 11 also better than those who never been disciplined.

This kinda makes you confuse whether spanking is bad or not yea? then why not accept both result. In another unrelated study, scientist found that spanking increase the likeliness for the child to have mental illness, and addiction when reaching adulthood. However, if you read carefully it also says “Increases in education level and income level were both associated with increased odds of harsh physical punishment”. That study proves that all the things above are true.

So if you want your kid to grow into a successful, aggressive, depressed man with a slight chance of having cancer and sexual problem then go ahead smack your kid. Hey, don’t look at me I’m just gathering all the evidence here. It’s up to you to decide whether to spank or not to spank your kid…