5 Healthy Things Everyone Should Do But Didn’t

Living in this modern age we like to think that everything we do has the most beneficial effects on our health, because we’re modern people right? Wrong. there are lots of things that we do in daily basis that aren’t healthy and there are lots of healthy things that everyone should do, but neglect. Here are some of the example:

#1 Floss

When does the last time you floss? Heck, I bet you don’t even have floss in your house. You might think it isn’t important, but think again… Brush vs floss, which one is more important? Turn out dentist say it’s floss. Shocking isn’t it? We have been doing second best thing all this time and many of us doesn’t do the best thing for our teeth which is flossing.

Why flossing is better than brushing? Well both aim the same which is to eradicate the plaque and bacteria in your teeth. Brushing is for the surface area while floss is to clean between teeth. The difference is that you can gargle water and some of the plaque in the surface area can come off (not as many if you brush it of course) while those in between teeth wouldn’t change, but that’s not all why floss is better.

The plaque in between teeth can harden which will cause the gum to bleed. Then bacteria in the plaque can freely enter the blood system and cause inflammation which could narrow the arteries and lead to heart attack. This is why people who floss regularly has 2-6 years more life expectancy than those who doesn’t floss.

Of course the best way to protect your teeth is to floss and brush, in that order. 

Floss vs Brushing, which one more important
You rarely hear dentist recommend floss isn’t it? Because they would be out of business if you all floss…

#2 Using Squat Toilet

For developed countries it would be weird to find squat toilet. We all been accustomed to sitting toilet since we are born, but what if I told you that sitting toilet is harmful and using squat toilet is better?

This is what squat toilet look like for those who are too fancy to go to third world countries

You are saying that third world country has better toilet than developed country? In the health perspective, yes. The usual sitting potty that you have in your house is only good for comfort, but bad for your health. You see human normal position to defecate is to squat since the beginning of human civilization. Sitting toilet come in mid 19th century and since then, people who are having hemorrhoids and constipation increase.

  • Constipation: this could be cause by lack of fiber diet and water, but it also can be cause by your defecate posture. You see when you defecate with sitting posture you aren’t getting the maximum doorway. Its like you want to push something out of a half open door. It won’t release 100 percent of your shit which then the leftover gonna harden and cause constipation.
  • Hemorrhoids: it is caused by trying to push your bowel. When you have like huge crap inside your bowel that just won’t come out, you push your butt like a pregnant women to get the shit out. That is what caused hemorrhoids. Study has shown that using squat toilet, people exert less force than when using sitting toilet.

Those two are the most likely you gonna get. There is other health risk that you can contract with such as: colon cancer, pelvic floor damage, prostate disorder, or even heart attack. So start using squat toilet as it would make you defecate much faster, cleaner, and healthier.

Many people who understand this problem are trying to make a solution by inventing chair for your feet to imitate squatting like Squatty Potty, or a new design of toilet.

#3 Eat Your Fruits And Veggies

Yes, we all know that being vegetarian doesn’t mean you gonna live forever or you gonna be safe from cancer. But recent study show that it CAN significantly reduce the risk of you dying from many sources.

Okay, start counting how many portion of fruits and veggies is that?

Newest study from University College London that study 65,000 people for 12 years show that eating 7 portion or more veggies and fruit can reduce the risk of having heart disease by 31%, reduce the risk of cancer by 25%, and reduce the risk of dying from many other variable by 42%.

This is why Australia go for 2 + 5 slogan (2 fruits and 5 veggies a day). In the UK they have 5 a day slogan. Eating 5 portion of fruits and veggies can reduce the risk of heart disease by 18%, risk of cancer by 19%, and risk from other causes by 29%. In the America the slogan they have is “fruits and veggies more matters” which is lame slogan as it could mean just eat one or two portion of fruit and veggies. Eating one or two only reduce the risk of heart disease by 9%, cancer by 11%, and other causes by 14%.

The study also show that eating canned fruit instead of lowering the risk of death it increased it up by 17%. This might be caused by the higher sugar in the canned fruit, that or those who buy canned fruit are poor people and they have poor diet.

However, we don’t want you to become full vegetarian either. As other study concluded that full vegetarians is less healthy than those who eat meat. So eat meat, but don’t forget to eat at least 2 fruits and 5 vegetables with it.

#4 Don’t Wear Bra

That’s right, wearing bra is harmful and has no beneficial effect on young women according to new study in France.  It is a 15-year study led by professor Jean-Denis Rouillon, from the University of Besançon in eastern France.

Goodbye discomfort, hello health!

One of the purpose of using bra is to prevent sagging, but the study show that young women who wear bra weaken the strength of the natural muscle that hold the breast, which mean overtime instead of preventing sagging, it caused it.

Without bra women can breath better, carry herself better, and less back pain.

This only beneficial for young women as this is the age where their muscle still developing. Older women (40 or older) will be better with bras than not said the professor. 

#5 Wash Your Hand Often

What’s health has to do with washing hand you might ask? Washing hand is the most under appreciated thing that everyone can do to make their life and everyone around them healthier. Most people think healthy living is about the diet or exercise, but it is more simple than that, it is about washing hand. You see, 80% disease that is caused by bacteria can be prevented just by washing  hand.

The simplest way to achieve healthy life

Which mean if everyone frequently wash their hand, we would rarely see a sick person. One study show that if people always wash their hand after toilet and before eating the number of diarrhea disease could drop by 50 percent. Well who doesn’t wash their hand after using toilet?  Turn out that 1 out of 3 men don’t wash their hand after using toilet, gross! 

I always wash my hand after toilet or before eating, is that enough? Apparently not. You need to wash your hand before and after preparing food, after sneezing or coughing, after throwing garbage, after picking your nose, before and after treating wound, after petting animal, and before and after seeing someone who is sick. 


5 Health Benefits And Risks Of Coffee You Didn’t Know Before

Drinking coffee has been my daily routine and probably yours too. But, do you know all the things coffee do to your body? You might have an idea, but I bet you don’t know these ones…

 #1 Coffee cause yellow teeth, but it is good for your dental health.

Drinking coffee sometime can make your teeth go yellow. This is caused by the acidity and color of the coffee that cause the teeth to stain when exposed to coffee again and again. Of course this is no problem as with today’s technology we can make it white again by simply using teeth whitening product.

Now most people believe that drinking coffee can cause damage to their teeth, but what if I told you that it was actually the opposite?


Studies has shown that coffee that are made from roasted beans have beneficial antibacterial activities that protect the tooth from erosion and kill the teeth bad bacteria Streptococcus mutans. Streptococcus mutans are the prime contributor in human tooth decay.

Trigonelline, a substance that gives coffee its distinct smell and flavor is the ones responsible in giving coffee its protective ability.

This might be obvious, but sometime people miss this fact. Those who drink black coffee has better result in protecting your teeth than coffee with added sugar or cream. Drinking those caramel machiato probably won’t do your teeth any good.

Yellow Teeth
It might be a bit yellow, but now I don’t need to see a dentist,  ever!

#2 Coffee can prevent certain type of breast cancer, but it also shrunk female breast size.

Researcher has been studying whether or not coffee can affect breast cancer and in 2011 study show that it can. The study follow 5,929 postmenopausal Swedish women (age 50 to 74) and found that heavy coffee drinkers had tremendously less risk to develop ER-negative breast cancer.  Just to be clear that it is coffee, and not caffeine that is responsible for this protective ability and it has no effect on premenopausal women.

In the study those who drink 5 cups or more coffee has 57% less likely to develop ER-negative breast cancer than those who drink 1 cup or less.

If you are a women, then it seems it would be a good idea to drink a lot of coffee isn’t it? But wait…

There is a Study from Lund University in 2008 that show drinking coffee can shrunk female breast size. They found that women who like to drink 3 cups or more coffee per day has an average 17 percent smaller breast than those who doesn’t drink coffee.

The researcher stated that there is nothing to worry about as there is no way the breast would shrink to none, it would reduce in size but won’t disappear.

So which one will you choose? Small cup size vs protection against ER-negative breast cancer?

I don’t have to worry about breast cancer anymore, but now my breast size is too small…

#3 Coffee give painkiller small boost of effectiveness, but it also increase the risk of liver damage.

Quick question, can you mix coffee and painkillers?

Recently I read a new study from the Cochrane Library that found caffeine can increase the effectiveness of painkiller. 7,238 patient with variety of pain condition were to take painkiller (acetaminophen or ibuprofen) mix with 100 mg or 1 cup of coffee worth of caffeine. They found that the patient who are taking the mixture are relieved from their pain and headache quicker than those who only take the painkiller. With this study it is suggested for someone with headache to take pain killer mix with coffee.

In other news, there is a 2007 study from University Of Washington published in the journal Chemical Research in Toxicology that says painkiller mix with coffee equals liver damage. While it is scary with media going with the headline “taking painkiller with coffee is extremely toxic to liver” , most people doesn’t read it thoroughly. It turns out that the mixture is only toxic to liver when substantial amount of caffeine is added (somewhere around 20 cups of coffee worth of caffeine). There is no way someone is taking 20 cups of coffee and painkillers at the same time.

So the answer to the question is yes, you can mix it up and it will increase the effectiveness of the painkiller but be careful not to exceed 20 cups of coffee or your liver might not be able to handle it.


#4 Coffee Could Make You Smarter, but it could also slow brain development.

Researcher has found that caffeine can help make you smarter for a short period of time. The caffeine in coffee block the inhibitory neurotransmitter (adenosine). Without adenosine the neuron in the brain like dopamine and norepinephrine would go freely and this would result in the brain reaction time, mood, and general mental ability increased.

In other news, a recent study found that caffeine can harm the development of teen and children brain. Caffeine is obviously affect our sleeping pattern and when we doesn’t have enough deep sleep the brain won’t develop properly. This has been shown in the journal PLoS ONE reports.

Those who drink 400 mg of caffeine or 4 cups of coffee could affect people sleep. This won’t be a problem when you are an adult where the brain has been fully developed, but for children and teen that are still in their development this could mean a lot. It is said that the brain still in the development age until someone is aged 25 which mean those who are under 25 shouldn’t be taking 4 cups of coffee.

Taste my underdeveloped brain at its full potential after coffee…

#5 Reduce the risk of death for old people who are heavy drinker, but increase it for young heavy drinker.

In a 2012 study publish in The New England Journal of Medicine that follow 400,000 people age 50 to 71 for 14 years show that coffee can help you live longer. Drinking 6 cups or more a day can lower risk of death from all cause with 10% less mortality rate for men and 15% for women.

However in 2013 another study published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings found that young heavy coffee drinker (age 20-55 and drink 28 cups or more a week) has 56% more chance to die prematurely from any cause.

It seems to be a good idea for those who are old to drink a lot of coffee, however for young adult drinking a lot of coffee seem to be a bad idea.

I am a young adult who drink a lot of coffee per day myself so should I be worry? What you need to remember is that these studies only show correlation and not directly caused by coffee.

What you need to look is the behavior of those young heavy drinker. The study also found that young heavy drinker is more likely to smoke, eat unhealthy, and do reckless thing compare those who doesn’t drink or drink moderately.

So the question you need to ask yourself if you are a young adult who drink 6 cups a day is do you have healthy lifestyle? Do you smoke? Do you eat healthy food? Do you YOLO? If you have a healthy lifestyle and doesn’t do anything stupid then there is nothing to worry about…

After this sixth cup of coffee I drink I’m gonna swim across the river behind me… Because YOLO

8 Weird Facial Treatment That Makes You Go WTF

People would do anything to extend their youth and beauty. Some goes for expensive cream product, some goes for injection or plastic surgery. However, for some people they believe that these weird facials are the ones able to do all these things.

#1 Bird Poo Facial (Geisha Facial)

Bird poo facial is just like its name it is about putting bird shit into your face. It’s more common by the name Geisha Facial, because no one gonna do it if it’s called bird poo facial.

You seen it in the movie Mirror Mirror…

It might sound ridiculous, but this is a  real treatment originated from Japan and it seems to be famous in U.K. With artist like Victoria and David Beckham supposedly use this treatment, it makes you wonder if poop really does have value.

Can it be from any bird poo? Nope, it has to come from farmed nightingale bird. Many bird has different kind of poop depend on what they eat and this nightingale is being fed organic seed making the poop better… So what’s so special with this farmed nightingale bird poop? Well it contain a lot of urea and guanine. Urea is good for the skin as it keeps the skin moisture locking you in your youth and the guanine is making the skin sparkle just like Edward in Twilight.

This might caused by Guanine

You think that it will be cheap, but its not. A spa in New York that offer Bird Poop facial cost around $180  per session. Seriously!? You get paid $180 for smearing shit on someone face? That’s brilliant!!

#2 Buccal Facial

Buccal is just another name for oral/mouth. So this facial is basically revolve around your mouth, the inside of your mouth to be exact.

Now hold this position for an hour while I perform painful massage into the interior of your mouth.

The purpose of the massage is to release the stress which from what they say is stored in the inside of your mouth. The massage supposedly make a smooth blood circulation and making the face skin tight.

This facial is extremely painful from what I heard and does not come cheap. It cost around £200 per session. Even though it is expensive and painful, turn out there are tons of people that would try it in the sake of beauty. With top celebrity such as Keira Knightley, Scarlett Johansson and Kate Moss all line up for the facial.

#3 Fire Facial

Do you have what it take to become beautiful? Do you dare to set your face on fire? Because this facial is about setting flame to your face.

Literally Flaming Youth!

This seemingly crazy facial is famous and common in China. The method is to put towel soaked in alcohol and special “Elixir”, put it into your face, leg, or any part of your body that you want to be young again and light it on fire temporarily before putting the fire off.

The practitioner believe that flame is able to give the skin faster cell regeneration and deal with wrinkle. Some even believe that it can cure diseases such as cold and even obesity.

If I were force to do this facial I probably freak out when the flame start to burn and probably run to the person next to me and accidentally burn that person. Scary scenario…

#4 Slapping Facial

From China we go to weird facial from Thai. Have you ever heard slapping for beauty? It is a real facial that are famous in Thailand and now start to pick up fame in the western world.


By slapping your face, the practitioner believe that it can make the skin firmer and less wrinkle. Of course we are not talking about ordinary slapping, but a special technique that has been pass down for generation.

This would sound like a cheap treatment as what does it cost for someone to slap you anyway? In San Francisco, Tata massage parlor it cost around $350 for one treatment. It is said to have better result compare to injection or plastic surgery.

I never know that slapping a person can make them more beautiful… Well, anyway… Because I don’t have that kind of money for this treatment, I’m just gonna slap myself and hope it has the same effect.

#5 Vampire Facial

Famous after Kim Kardashian used it in her show and show people her gnarly photo of after the treatment on Instagram.


The process begin with the practitioner taking a plenty amount of blood from your body and then put it in a machine to separate the platelet and then inject it into the face using small acupuncture needle. This rich in platelet blood then trigger regeneration of the outer skin making it firmer and less wrinkly.

This shit is expensive too. It cost around $1000 to $2000 per session. Expert say that on average it will make your skin glow for 3 days. I say that’s a pricy cost just to get 3 days of beauty.

It probably not for people who’s afraid of blood… or is it? I heard that the treatment is quite painful and by passing out before the treatment begin, by the time you wake up its already over and wrinkle free.

#6 Bee Venom Facial


I thought only things that are considered good that you put into your face, but now you are saying there are people rubbing bee venom to the face? Yup, there is a cream that are made from bee venom that are clinically proven to stop the menopause effect on the face.

Menopause cause the skin to age rapidly due to decline of estrogen and progesterone hormones. It lead to saggy skin, deep wrinkle, and dryness on the skin.

It work by fooling our body thinking that our face has been lightly stung by bee. Our body then produce collagen and elastin. collagen makes the skin tissue strong while elastin is the one responsible for bouncing back to normal skin.

This £150 cream is said to be used by the royal family such as Kate Middleton.

Well this cream seems wonderful enough, as long as you don’t accidentally lick it.

  • A: Hey, you got some leftover food in your face… (Point somewhere near B mouth)
  • B: Where? (lick face)

#7 Solid Gold Facial


You got that right. It is a facial with real gold to cover your face. Artist like Cameron Diaz and Nicole Kidman were said to be using this facial to get their fabulous look.

The first thing that comes in mind is how much does it cost? It gotta cost a fortune to do this kind of face treatment. Well, apparently it only cost $165. A lot cheaper than other facial in this list. I thought this gonna cost me a fortune.

The gold facial come from ancient tradition in China where the women would roll their face with gold to stimulate collagen. In today spa, people are using 24 K face mask and then roll it in the face. The result from what I heard and seen is amazing.

What troubles me is that you can’t take the gold mask home. Which mean… the gold mask is being re-used… yuck.

#8 Snail Facial

What do you think about putting this little creature into your face?


Is your reaction ew, or gross? Don’t be as the goo in snail is packed with protein, antioxidants, and Hyauloric acid. Hyaluronic acid is common to be found in human, it is a molecule that give human tissue flexibility and promote healing. This molecule is also the thing that cause the naked mole rat to be immune to cancer. Put those beneficial goo on your face and you are set to become younger.

Don’t get to excited just yet, because this facial cost somewhere around $240 per session. For me, I probably just find some snail in my aquarium and put it in my face and called it a day. Of course the snail they use in spa is farmed snail with strict diet to ensure their goo is special.


If you are on a dare or have one free voucher to do one of these facial, which one would you go?


5 Reason Video Games Are Good For You (Based on Study)

People always say that video games are bad, they cause people to be not social, encourage violent behavior and make them stupider. Those are the words from my parents and probably yours too, but is it really true?

Well, guess what people. Study show that video games are good for you.


Here are the top 5 reasons why video games are good for you:

1. It makes kids more creative.

Researcher from Michigan State University found that kids who played video games become more creative no matter what the games is (violent or non-violent game). They study 500 12 years old boys and girls and found that the more they play video games it makes them more creative in drawing object and writing story.

2. Reverse or hold the age related decline on the elderly

Video games does not only benefit kids and the young. It also has good effect on the elderly.

The University of Iowa found that old people (more than 50 years old) that play video games are able to increase cognitive skill and reverse age related decline up to 7 years.

University Belfast and Trinity College Dublin also found that video games help the elderly to improve balance control. When you get older your body has less balance control, that is why many old people fall. In short, playing video games can prevent the elderly from falling to their doom.

3. Makes people more happier. 

Researcher from Brigham Young University (BYU) in Utah found that young girl that play video games with their parents are more behaved, connected to their family, less agressive and happier. Want to connect with your daughter? Try playing games with her. The study only show effect on girls though, for boys it seems it doesn’t do any effect.

Researchers at the North Carolina State University found that old people (63 years old and above) that play video games are happier than those who don’t. They follow 140 old people in town and group them into two groups, one is old people that regularly play video games and the other are those who rarely or don’t play video games. Those who play video games regularly are less depressed and has better well-being than the other group.

4. Improve eyesight, improve motor skills, and faster decision making. 

Deakin University from Australia found that kids who play video games has better motor skills. Kids that play video games has better object control skills such as kicking, catching, rolling, and bouncing a ball. Basically it trains children to become ninja.

University of Rochester found that those who play action games have better eyesight. This mean that those gamer are more likely to avoid accident in foggy road than those who doesn’t play game.

Rochester University also found that gamer has faster decision making response than those who rarely play game. This happen because gamer has faster data collecting response. This mean that if you put your life in a life and death situation, your chance is better in the hand of a gamer.

Next time I get surgery for something, I’m gonna ask my doctor if he/she play games. I won’t trust doctor that doesn’t play video games.

5.  It help with many diseases. 

Can video games help in various diseases like cancer, depression, autism, parkinson, asthma, and many other? Well according to University of Utah, playing video games can be therapeutic and show that it increase their fighting spirit in dealing with their diseases. What this means is that playing video games is just as good or even better than 1 on 1 counseling.

Daphne Maurer, director of the Visual Development Lab at McMaster University in Ontario found that people born with cataract can improve their eyesight by simply playing first person shooter game. He said that 10 hours of playing action games had significant improvement on people who are almost blind.


5 Anti-Aging Mistakes You’re Making

Scared that you age badly? Just ask lindsay lohan, she used to be smoking hot, but now she look like 40 in her twenty. What are the cause of these bad aging. Help yourself by understanding what cause people to age badly.

#5 Drugs

This is kinda obvious, but sometimes people just can’t see how damaging drugs is. They think that addiction is gonna be the only problem, well guess what? Your face is gonna be ugly as hell when you use drugs.

Of course talking about drugs, there are many kind of drugs and each of them has potential to make you ugly. For example meth. just look at the picture… On the left she is a potential girlfriend, on the right you get a zombie.

Angelic at age 31 (left) and 34 (right). via:

Meth cause your face to be covered with acne and then you gonna pick on those acne (obsessive picking is natural trait for meth user) making small hole in your face. Your body began to consume facial fat makes your face deform. Meth mouth is also a signature from meth, essentially it is a rapid decay of your mouth. Combine all those and you have yourself a rapid aging effect. What use to be 30 years old face with meth you can look like 70.

Heroin is another drugs that can make you ugly. It makes your skin pale, and grey. Your teeth gonna fall off . Your cheek gonna be saggy and loose. Acne gonna sprout everywhere. Basically, heroin use can make your face look 10 years older.

via: st-louis-post

Those two drugs probably has the most face changing effects because of the direct effect they have on your face. Other drugs doesn’t have direct effect, but can get you ugly eventually due to malnutrition you will have once you are addicted.

#4 Smoking

A lot of women smoke because they think that smoking can help them become more skinnier, and skinny means beautiful right? It’s true that smoking can affect your body figure to become skinnier, but it doesn’t only affect your body, but also your face.

Smoking cause the skin to become pale, grey, skinnier and your teeth gonna become yellow. Wrinkle would start to show everywhere as smoking cause the capillary of your blood become smaller and thus less skin nutrition.

Smoking damage the elasticity of the skin making the skin wrinkle, stain the teeth and cause gum disease which lead to yellowish teeth and tooth loss. The skinny effect on the body also effect on the face making the face saggy and unhealthy skin just like an old person would be.

Below is an example of age progression of a smoker from


On the right you have 10 years to the future Anna that smoke 20-a-day.

changemyface has an apps in iphone that can show you how you age if you are a smoker called: Smoking Time Machine.

#3 Alcohol

Alcohol is also bad for aging, because it can cause rocasea (redness on the face). It usually temporary, but if you are an avid alcohol drinker the redness on your face could become permanent. Alcohol drink also cause dehydration, which if you don’t rehydrate will lead to wrinkle.

A projection from changemyface where on the right the woman is drinking two or more standard glass of wine every night for 10 years.

If you doesn’t have a case of rocasea then your face might not become red and thus you won’t become the projection of the picture. You also need to drink a lot between drink to avoid dehydrated and thus keeping your skin tight.  I drink wine everyday when I was young, and now I still attractive as ever. Yes, there is still a chance that you still pretty even though you are a heavy drinker. Alcohol is probably the only preventable anti-aging mistake in this list.

changemyface also has the apps called drinking time machine to project how you would look if you are a heavy drinker 10 years to the future.

#2 Junk food

Didn’t suspect junk food gonna be in this list aren’t ya? All above are the norm, but junk food? Well… You know what they say, you are what you ate.

Junk food simply means you have bad diet, you aren’t taking nutritious thing inside your body that is needed for maintenance. This would result the face to become grey from lack of protein, bloated face from the extra calories and trans fat and also wrinkle everywhere.


On the left is the projection of a girl who eat junk food for 10 years. On the right is what she would look like if she take healthy diet.

Changemyface doesn’t have junk food eater projection apps yet, but it will soon come out.

#1 Sun Exposure

Forget about skin cancer as the chance you get one is only a fraction of a percentage. What certain though is that you would get old a decade or two just by tanning.

Researcher from New England Journal of Medicine has found shocking proof that the sun can make you look old.


I mean, just look at it. His left side look older than his right side. He is 69 years old, was a trucker and for 28 years of his life he drive with the sun on his left side. Resulting in premature aging in his left side.

His condition is called dermatoheliosis, which in greek literally mean skin and sun. Dermatoheliosis is also called photoaging. The sun Ultraviolet A and B cause the skin to mutate and make it simply look horrible.


To sum it all up. Beach party is bad for anti-aging. They have sun exposure, booze, smoke, sometime it has drugs, and after party you usually eat junk food.