Things you should do for your brain

5 Things You Should Do For Your Brain

Some say that the brain is the most important thing in our body, so important that some believe that our body is just a vessel for our brain. It never stop ...

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5 Healthy Things Everyone Should Do But Didn’t

Living in this modern age we like to think that everything we do has the most beneficial effects on our health, because we’re modern people right? Wrong. there are lots ...

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5 Health Benefits And Risks Of Coffee You Didn’t Know Before

Drinking coffee has been my daily routine and probably yours too. But, do you know all the things coffee do to your body? You might have an idea, but I ...

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8 Weird Facial Treatment That Makes You Go WTF

People would do anything to extend their youth and beauty. Some goes for expensive cream product, some goes for injection or plastic surgery. However, for some people they believe that ...

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5 Reason Video Games Are Good For You (Based on Study)

People always say that video games are bad, they cause people to be not social, encourage violent behavior and make them stupider. Those are the words from my parents and ...

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